Inside the Studio with Jose Goncalves

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Step inside the studio designed by esteemed Casa Vogue architect and artist José Gonçalves (Rhine Valley, Londrina, Brazil)⁠. Scroll to see the incredible home that he designed, and learn more about his artistic process.

About his work, José writes, "There is always a great deal of curiosity about the artist’s creative process. Explaining this creation is like cracking the sacred code of existence."
"My paintings are the portrait of my world: I materialize my dreams in paint and color. I am entirely ruled by my intuition."

After graduating with a degree in architecture in 1987, José moved to a small apartment which he perceived as flat and colorless. To brighten up the space, he revisited his childhood passion: painting. He's been exhibiting his work ever since.

JCO'S Art Haus is honored to be the only gallery in the U.S. representing José Gonçalves.
51" x 51" • mixed media

55" x 64" • mixed media with multilayered canvas flaps

José Gonçalves, Petrus Christus
71" x 71" • mixed media

José Gonçalves, Reflected Image
39" x 39" • mixed media

José Gonçalves, Phillies
71" x 71" • mixed media

José Gonçalves, Ford Sedan + Wagon
31.5" x 63" • mixed media with multi-layered canvas flaps

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