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Can you believe it? Our all-summer-long Affordable Art Show comes to a close in just two short weeks. Saturday, September 11th is the last day to catch it!  We're highlighting just a few gems here: the pieces our team has been obsessing over. 

Julie's Pick

Brendan Briggs, Candie Buttons
96" x 12" • acrylic on wood

"Remember these? I love this sculptural piece because it plays on my memories of being a kid. Brendan's larger-than-life version is really fun. You can hang this vertically or horizontally. Even if you aren't familiar with button candy, there's just something about it that's really joyful."
— Julie Jenkins / JCO 

Bridget's Pick

Danym Kwon - Folding Pieces of Days

Danym Kwon, Folding Pieces Of Days
48" x 36" • acrylic and colored pencil on canvas

"I'm a softie, but the story behind this one made me cry! The moms and dads out there will get it: You know those outfits your kids grow out of too quickly? And all of the memories you have wrapped into those threads? Sigh."
— Bridget McMahon, Art Haus Director

Sam's Pick

Ann McMillan, Jazz Quilt
30" x 30" • oil and gold leaf on canvas

"Ann McMillan boasts an incredible understanding of color through her complex palette in Jazz Quilt. The deep, rich tones paired with crisp, metallic highlights present a captivating harmony in both shape and value, and ultimately captures the very soul of jazz music."
— Sam Livoni, Art Haus Designer

Diana's Pick

Linda Matson, U-Bird: Remembering Lisbon
9.5" x 1.5" x 4" • stoneware, glaze, underglaze

 "I admire when an artist combines the artistic with the functional, as in this piece. This is a functional pitcher and who wouldn't want to pour their punch from a rooster?"
— Diana Hartman, Preparator

Herning's Pick

Ivory Yeunmi Lee, Who Started The Fire?
20" x 16" ea • acrylic and colored pencil on linen
$880 ea  

"For me, this was love at first sight. I can’t get over the kawaii spookiness in Ivory's work! Her paintings are so interesting in many ways: the overall vibe, the storytelling, the sense of humor, the detailed colored pencil strokes. When I see these two hanging side by side, I can just hear the angry birds arguing and screaming at each other." 

— Herning Wang, Graphic Designer

Ethan's Pick

Yunan Ma, Fabric Art
14" x 14" - 16" x 16" • merino + alpaca wools over copper frame
$450 - $590 ea

 "I am a big fabric art fan, and Yunan Ma’s work is some of the best I’ve seen. I stare at it all of the time, and have been resisting the urge to shove my face into it. It reminds me of a big space donut and I just think it’s a lot of fun!"
— Ethan Pifer, Sales Associate