Quinn Peck / The Liminality Series

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My photo-based work is a continually evolving conversation on self and identity, involving representations of subconscious impulses, desires, and expressions.

This work comes from a series titled: Liminality: Self-reflection from the space in-between.
It was created [as part of my Master's in Photography] in 2009, some three years before I began to transition from female to male.

In retrospect, this series is my reckoning with being assigned female at birth and being rigidly socialized as feminine, though I could not have told you that in 2009.  

In these images I play and interact with different selves, enacting characters I never fully identified with through self-portraiture.

For me, this work conjures themes of vulnerability, the feminine, transitory states, dreams, death, and rebirth.

The figure in the images is often blurred in motion, sometimes sharp at rest. This variation in the solidity of my physical form references a transitional state, and describes the alternately slippery and then seemingly fixed nature of identity.

My photographs reflect the tumultuous mixture of emotions that seem closer to the surface in such moments of restlessness.

When I photograph myself in a space, I think and move intuitively according to the emotions brought up in response to that place, in that current moment, knowing that it will never be replicated.