Tips for How To Pick Art For Your Home

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Art can change a house into a home. It is one of the best ways to explore your personal style, support the artists in your local community, and express yourself. Art brings your whole house together and can set the tone for your color palette and your style.
One suggestion is to start with artwork when decorating a space, not your paint color. Once you find a piece of art you love, you'll notice so many shades you can color-match on your walls. Art makes your home feel cozy, and feel like a larger expression of yourself. It’s a reflection of your personal style. It really makes the blank walls of a new house feel like a home.

Phase 1: Assessment of Your Space

Assess your walls and decide which walls need art. You might consider a gallery wall, featuring a grouping of several, smaller art pieces. Alternatively, one large piece might make the most powerful statement. 

In your bedroom, you might choose a large horizontal artwork center above your bed without interfering with your bedside lighting, or your nightstands. For a 60" wide queen-sized bed, we suggest an art piece no larger than 50" wide. For a 76" wide king-sized bed, we suggest a piece no wider than 65".

In your dining room, you might choose a gallery wall to keep your eyes (and the eyes of your guests!) visually interested and inspired.

What is the first wall you see when you open your front door? You might consider a calming piece of art to welcome you home. 

Once you have considered which walls need art and which configurations you might potentially like best, think about sizes. 

Want help with turning your blank walls into a masterpiece? Are you unsure what artwork size would look best, or what a gallery wall might look like in your space? We can help you! With our Digital Design Services, you can have any artwork imagined on your blank walls!

Take pictures of your blank walls, measure the space, and tell us the artists you like from our site (or anything about your personal style!) with an approximate budget. We’ll present you with some fabulous options for original art on your walls!

Phase 2: Selection 

Begin by gathering together  your inspiration and favorite styles. Our online gallery features artwork you can purchase from home, with a large grouping of artists and artworks in a wide range of sizes, styles, and prices. In our semiannual Affordable Art Show, we work closely with artists to provide best selection of prices for you (for a limited time!). This is often a 10-20% discount on original artwork. This event ONLY happens twice per year. 

If you’re unsure what style or color range you want, you can send us what size you’re interested in and we can share with you a curated selection of works based on those sizes. 

Phase 3: The Vision

Once you have an idea of what your wall would look like from the digital mockups we’ve sent you, it can be helpful to mark out the sizes with blue painter's tape on your wall. This is an optional step, as we will accurately scale the artwork your digital “wall”, but it can help you envision how the size of the artworks will look in your physical space. This can help you gain confidence in what the artwork will look like life-size on your walls, generate excitement, and have more ease when purchasing.  

Phase 4: Become an Art Collector!

Art turns your house into a home because it allows you to express yourself, your stories, and experiences. Art can truly be a centerpiece for conversation when friends and family visit, and you'll enjoy sharing the stories of the artists with your loved ones. Supporting local artists creating one-of-a-kind works of art is one of the best ways to support the arts. Buying from big companies gives an only a small fraction of the profit to the artist, while the company absorbs the majority of the sale.