Alan Mazzetti

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About the Artist

Alan Mazzetti is a contemporary painter working in San Francisco, California, specializing in abstracted landscapes and cityscapes. His earlier career in Graphic Design and Illustration taught him the importance of reducing visual information to its simplest form while adding a unique perspective for engaging storytelling. Alan continues this iconic approach in his paintings - whether they are abstract or representational - concentrating on color and composition, with mark-making and texture that reiterates the subject. The process of painting is perhaps the main subject of his artwork.

Alan believes while making art is a highly personal and individualistic practice, it is also a very fundamental and universal form of communication. His intent is to make a painting that is true to its subject, but not so much definitive as evocative. He has found that by re-presenting the world in a simplified, abstracted manner, it opens up the possibilities of interpretation for the viewer, involving them in the creative process. His goal is to take the viewer somewhere, and that place can be different for everyone.