Jan Aiello

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About the Artist

Jan Aiello grew up in South Carolina on a liberal arts university campus where her parents taught piano and photography.  She stayed there to study art, and get her graduate degree in Art. A college campus is a unique place to grow up. It held elements of the American Southern culture, as well as the beauty of nature, art, and music. She experienced an inner tension between relationships and differing ideologies. In that conflict, nature proved an escape. It was there that it became a metaphor for those existential themes of the lived experience of joy, grief and being.

After graduate school, she moved to Washington, D.C. where she raised her family, painted and taught Art for 20 years. Four years ago, inspired partly by her strong connection to the land, she and her family moved to the bay area.  The move, while not without its losses proved artistically and personally fruitful, which is reflected in her work.