John Robertson

John Robertson

California County Map

96"x 60"

Acrylic on unstretched canvas


About the Artist

“Robertson is 57 and lives in a hilltop house trailer overlooking the ocean.  He’s a slight man with a graying beard and the kind of enthusiastic attitude that glows in the dark; a guy doing exactly what he should be doing.  Robertson paints. Not with fancy oils and acrylics on textured canvas but with house paint on those rolls of canvas you put on the floor when you’re redoing the ceiling. It was a question of economics at first. Drop cloths and cans of paint are a lot cheaper than the stuff you buy in art stores. Later it became a choice. He began painting about a dozen years ago in all kinds of styles and sizes, but what he’s become known for are the faces of musicians and writers he puts on 4 1/2-by 6-foot canvases in a techniques vaguely reminiscent of Jackson Pollock’s. Faces glow through streaks and lines of color.” –Al Martinez, the LA Times