Linda Benenati

About the Artist

In the late 60’s, Linda Benenati studied art at San Jose State but ended up with a degree in English. After college, she pursued a career in graphics and writing in the tech industry. Consequently, Benenati loves the interplay of images, words, and titles. Over the years, Benenati has worked in many different media: oil and acrylic painting, found object and papier mâché sculpture, and mixed media collage. Ten years ago, Linda Benenati ventured into encaustic painting, which just might be her all-time favorite medium with its vibrancy and versatility. Benenati now considers herself almost exclusively an encaustic artist. Narrative and voice are crucial to her work. The stories she creates might take root in a cultural reference, a favorite phrase, or even a single word. Benenati’s work remixes, assembles, and puns on these through the use of original characters and timeless fictional settings. Among Benenati’s favorite artists are Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Marc Chagall, Claude Monet, René Magritte, David Hockney, David Cornell, Wayne Thiebaud, Maira Kalman, Joan Brown and Inez Storer.