Lisa Swerling

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About the Artist

Glass Cathedrals are a series of tiny worlds in boxes. Magical, absurd, comic, tragic, poetic, each box contains a sparkling parallel world, reflecting the poignancy, absurdity and beauty of our own.

The ideas behind the Glass Cathedrals are based on thoughts I have been having since I was a child, and are no less relevant to me today: “What exists beyond the stars? Could glitter be more precious than gold? I’m scared to jump in the water so why do I jump anyway? How can I feel so important and so insignificant at the same time?”

The boxes have been a unique platform for my flow of ideas – from the irrepressible human desire to create meaning, to capturing the silliness of life and exploring existential feelings about what it means to be alive. Running through these ideas is a common theme – that opposites can co-exist. Fear and bravery, absurdity and meaning, inside and out, big and small, epic and insignificant. Where they intersect is the place of empathy, mystery and art.
I hope my art expresses, and brings out, the best in us.