Andrea Bergen


48" x 36"

Hand cut paper collage on wood panel

About The Artist

For the past seven years I have been creating intricate, animal-centric collages from thousands of individually hand cut pieces of paper to express my anxiety about human driven environmental destruction. As a Bay Area native I have been a first hand witness to the changing weather patterns and natural cycles of California’s drying landscape. Through vivacious and darkly humorous scenes I attempt to digest the overwhelming reality of climate change and contend with my culpability as a consumer. The resulting landscapes are whimsical, cathartic fantasies in which the animal protagonists make mischief in the wreckage of our post-apocalyptic human society.

About The Artwork

Marine life, toys, and trash collide in this colorful oceanic landscape located in the Pacific Gyre or Garbage Patch. Rather than a bleak representation of plastic pollution, this whimsical vision proposes that the animals will adapt to co-habitat with the plastic trash and the environment will regain equilibrium.