Andrea Bergen


48" x 108"

Hand cut paper collage on wood panel

About The Artist

For the past seven years I have been creating intricate, animal-centric collages from thousands of individually hand cut pieces of paper to express my anxiety about human driven environmental destruction. As a Bay Area native I have been a first hand witness to the changing weather patterns and natural cycles of California’s drying landscape. Through vivacious and darkly humorous scenes I attempt to digest the overwhelming reality of climate change and contend with my culpability as a consumer. The resulting landscapes are whimsical, cathartic fantasies in which the animal protagonists make mischief in the wreckage of our post-apocalyptic human society.

About The Artwork

Sequoias is the first triptych in a series of four called "California Paperscapes." The panels progress through California locations of the Sequoia National Forest, Point Reyes National Seashore, Joshua Tree National Park, and a big box store parking lot. The landscapes are constructed entirely from hand cut pieces of colored paper. Each piece of paper was cut by hand with scissors. The scenes represent a hope that nature will someday return to its unaltered, idealized state. As human influence fades from right towards the left, the environment regains its vibrancy and equilibrium. The sentimental tableaus are our response to the bleak reality of humans' negative effect on the planet. As the future health of the earth looks increasingly bleak, it becomes harder to remain optimistic that individual action can change our course. The scenes illustrate wishful thinking that by supernatural intervention, nature will be fully restored after humanity has gone extinct. In Sequoias a mother bear strolls through the lush Redwood forest with her two cubs. One appears to hear something in the distance. What could it be? Perhaps it’s the Sasquatch peeking mischievously out from behind a tree.