Andrea Chebeleu - "Breaking Light SE" - 3.75 x 9.5 x 2.25 in.

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About The Artist

Andrea Chebeleu is a native California artist who spent much of her childhood traveling.  Living in Mexico, Alabama, Oregon, Illinois, Washington, and Texas, Andrea’s early wanderlust finds its way into her artwork.  She has been living and making art in the Bay Area since 1997, and owns and operates “A Work of Heart Studio”, an art supply shop and teaching space. 

About The Artwork

As an artist, Andrea Chebeleu is constantly learning. Each piece she starts is a playful exploration of “what happens when,” and she seems to never run out of scenarios.  Andrea Chebeleu’s smaller works are created from large, wall-sized canvases she approaches over at least 30 sessions.  Her work is rich with meaningful marks, bright colors, and buried layers that tell the story and then let it go. The finished pieces are always a fun, surprise peek into the conversation Chebeleu has been having with the tools she uses.  Nothing is off limits.