🔴 Charles Tersolo - "Zabriskie" - 24" x 30"

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About The Artist

Charles Tersolo (born 1974 in Rochester, New Hampshire) is a Boston artist and member of the Copley Society of Art. He paints much of his works outdoors, or en plein air in the tradition of Corot, Monet, and American Impressionists such as Childe Hassam. The coloring of his works is closer to the broad palette of the Boston School of painters, who mix American impressionist technique with more traditional coloring and paint application.

About The Artwork

Thoughtful and inventive people tell others to visit a place, that they must see it; there is something inspiring about it, they will walk away a little larger. Charles Tersolo’s works capture not only an image of these locales, but a heightened multi-experience. Through composition and a careful seven-layer process, using hand-mixed tubes including varnish and oil, Tersolo recreates highlights and colors such that when different combinations of light hit them, they change color and appearance similar to the original landscape and architecture. Over 500 brushes are used to mix a prepared palette of 42 spectrum colors and pastel tones into delicate combinations that can no longer be named, slightly neutral tones that feed off of one another making a luminous whole. A brush is used just once to mix two or three colors, then set aside for cleaning, allowing unparalleled color clarity.