Danielle Bewer

Looking Up

67" x 53"

Ceramic on wood blocks

Regular price $6,350.00

About The Artist

Danielle Bewer's work seeks to reconnect to the joy of the child within, to cut through the layers of conditioning and give voice to that pure, candid, playful energy. Her abstract ceramic art can be seen as a conversation between pattern and color. It’s the dialog between these two—the tension between order and emotion, between the composition’s rigid structure and the exuberant color of its parts—that gives form to the message. The result is a satisfying compromise: there’s harmony in containment, but it’s the color, the emotion that has the last word.

About The Artwork

This multi-piece artwork is composed of 20 colorfully glazed ceramic squares (11” each) mounted on wood blocks. The overall pattern made me think of a city scape both in its grid plan and in its frontal view — and more specifically, of my native city of New York.