Elissa Neshelm

Through Mountains

48" x 36"

Watercolor on paper, mounted to panel

About The Artist

Growing up in the wide-open spaces of South Dakota, I often found myself looking out the car window for long periods of time on visits to see friends and family. I focused on the distant images and filed away places I liked and how they changed from year to year and season to season. Collecting memories of landscapes stayed with me into college where I learned to translate my catalogue of images to paper and canvas using watercolor. When I paint I am transported to places in my personal memory as well as places I imagine.

About The Artwork

As a self-proclaimed “landscape interpreter”, Elissa invites you to take another look at landscapes through her lens of distilled emotional connection to location. By presenting a minimal, sometimes dream-like, rendering of the natural world her watercolor landscapes straddle the line between memory and specific place. making a mental fusion of places from her personal memories, photos taken and imagined locales. She collages a new, idyllic place that gives both the comfort of the familiar and the excitement of a paradise long sought.