Itty Bitty Owls

Santa's Photobooth

Wooden box, Sylvanian family figurine, handmade minatures

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About The Artist

I. Nguyen-Hayama is a US-based manga artist. After studying biology and culinary arts, she somehow stumbled into comics as a career. She is also a miniaturist who works primarily in Sylvanian scale. She lives in the East Bay with her husband, two daughters, a parrotlet, a cat, and two silkie chickens.  

About The Artwork

In January 2019, Ila adopted a family of vintage Sylvanian Families dolls. She has been knee-deep in dollhouse miniatures ever since. What started as a craft project quickly became an experiment in visual storytelling. Each shop on Flocking Street represents how the artist imagined San Francisco as a child, growing up in suburban East Bay: colorful, busy, and welcoming to everyone and anyone. Everybody has a story, and a great one at that! Ila's aim is to reintroduce some playtime to grownups; most shops are made small enough so that they can be tucked away on a work desk or a bookshelf! And every shopkeeper is an eBay rescue, given a glow-up and a new spiffy outfit.