Jeffrey Tover

Coachella Valley

48" x 48"

Mixed media

Regular price $3,800.00

About The Artist

Jeffrey is an award-winning Bay Area based abstract painter that lives in the historic town of Benicia just outside of San Francisco. He is also an avid photographer who enjoys capturing moments of his travels to Europe, Asia and Australia. His paintings are often influenced by these pursuits. Taking inspiration from abstract painters Cy Twombly, Joan Mitchell and Willem DeKooning. Jeffrey produces intuitive works full of colorful gesturesand marks. His motivation is to create art that is never boring and will keep the viewer engaged long after it is hung on a wall. His work has caught the eye of international and commercial collectors and has exhibited in numerous galleries across the country.

About The Artwork

I generally use the color red in my works sparingly as it is such a strong color and the eye connects with it quickly. In this piece, I used it more liberally to create a more powerful composition. This painting will make a great centerpiece in any living or dining room space as it commands attention.