🔴 Jennifer Lashbrook - "Palette: Girl with a Pearl Earring" - 24" x 18"

About The Artist

Jennifer Lashbrook is obsessed with color!!! She is intrigued by an over- examination of her subject matter. Lashbrook wants to dissect the image, survey the hues, values, and saturations and leave for the viewer a schematic of the color palette. As part of her artistic process, there is something about collecting that she loves. The trip to the hardware store, to gather her materials whets the appetite to create. The time Lashbrook spends organizing and cataloguing the swatches is meditative. The exploration of the subject matter and the scrutiny with which she discerns the slightest subtleties of color and tone challenges her. Each small piece of paper has an identifier of its color source, specifically cut to create for the viewer a digital-age impressionistic reference to a paint by number - Lashbrook’s adult version of a puzzle.

About The Artwork

Jennifer Lashbrook uses individually cut paper paint swatches in a collage form to create pixelated images of landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, and famous works of art. From a distance, the colors blend to create a photo realistic quality, with the individual ‘pixels’ becoming more distinguishable the closer the viewer moves to the piece. When viewed up close, the meticulous arrangement of the paper is truly impressive, and the volume of colors used to create each palette is visually mesmerizing. When viewed through a cell phone, the images become clear and details seem to jump off of the viewing plane. The cell phone acts as a filter, and this unique way to view Lashbrook’s art creates a fun and interactive experience for the viewer.