Aleh Murashka

After Frank Stella

40" x 68"

Oil on canvas

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About The Artist

Aleh Murashka is a follower of the op-art (“optical art”) movement. Some of his influences include Bridget Riley, Victor Vasarely, and Josef Albers. Visiting the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver, Colorado and seeing the vast collection of Abstract Expressionist artwork is the experience Murashka states had the greatest artistic impression on him. Murashka is interested in the effects of pure color combinations. His works are multicolored compositions, and each color has several shades. Murashka’s primary intention is to affect the sensitivity of the human eye; after staring at his works for some time, you can see the colors flickering and pulsating.

About The Artwork

The colors of Aleh Murashka’s works possess the possibility to boost our moods. Some of them are soft and calming, while others are stimulating and inspiring. The quality of a room’s light can heavily influence the properties of color, so a work’s mood and tone can change throughout the day. The soft light that mornings and evenings cast on the colors can calm us down, while in the afternoon these same colors possess the ability to make us energetic and happy. The full potential of a Murashka painting’s beauty is reached by close-looking at it for some time. It’s a gradual process, but the discoveries in the end are thrilling.