Ronit Shalem


60" x 16"

Acrylic & paintmarkers onplywood

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About The Artist

As a child, I played on the Persian carpet in our living room. I spent my time jumping among the shapes and colors,imagining among them hidden letters and animals. I would tip toe to avoid the imaginary snakes and carefully collect colorful gems.To this day, fabrics & textures captivate me. I am intrigued by patterns: the infinite waysof combining shapes and colors,the surprises and secrets that can beweaved among them. I express myself through textures & colors, I inscribe thesecrets of my heart on thecanvas.For me, Nature symbolizes freedom. It is pure from criticism & reproach,it accepts us with all our colors and shades &The dynamic symbolism of Nature gives me alanguage for expressing myself and my experiences.Technically, I use acrylic colors & Ilove to expose the base substrate in its raw form, the wood is part of my color palette, similar to Aboriginal painting techniques.

About The Artwork

We all have a past that can’t be seen at the surface. When we meet a person what we initially see is only the flower - the present. The roots are hidden in the ground. Everyone is born into an existing reality - a particular family, a geographic region, customs & traditions. We are all influenced both by genetics and our environment, by past experiences & interactions. To understand anything completely, it is of immense importance to also uncover what is beneath the surface