Shannon Evans

held together with tape and glue

60” x 60"

Oil On Canvas

About The Artist

Abstraction allows me, as an artist, to interpret the world around me and place myself within the work. Using oil paint, I explore expressive, gestural mark making with referencesto the natural landscape. My paintings are influenced by daily walks I take;I use the imagery from my memories to imbue the work with layers of nostalgic feeling and whispers of nature. By breaking down and abstracting these references to the natural landscape, the brushwork comes to the forefront of the painting. The juxtaposition and layering of advancing and receding positive and negative expressive brushwork form anabstracted landscape: a sense of place, a moment in time. By building up these multiple layers, the work transforms into a mosaic record of my life: feelings, memories, emotions.

About The Artwork

The red line weaves in and out in a way that keeps all the colored forms stitched together; a lot like trying to keep our lives together. This piece was inspired by the concept of “the red string of fate.” It was also painted during a really hard time in my life. Hence the “tape and glue” part of the title— I felt like I was holding myself together with only tape and glue.